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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does This Work?

What is the RobinhoodRx Prescription Drug Savings Card?

The RobinhoodRx saving card has been designed to lower the cost of prescription. There is no registration required to utilize the card and the program is absolutely free. RobinhoodRx is a branded solution of OrchestraRx.

Is there an enrollment fee or application fee?

No, there is no enrollment or application fee required to obtain or use the card.

How do I print or download a prescription drug savings card?

The RobinhoodRx savings card has been designed to be accessed via desktop and mobile. In addition to printing and downloading the card from your computer, you can access the savings card from your mobile phone.

Are there discounts on diabetic supplies?

Yes, the RobinhoodRx savings card provides discounts on diabetic supplies such as test strips, syringes, and glucose monitors; however, a prescription from your doctor is required.

Where can I use the RobinhoodRx prescription drug savings card?

Your card can be used at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide including all major chains. To find a participating pharmacy please search our pharmacy locator.

Can I use the savings card in any state in the U.S. and Puerto Rico?

Yes, if the pharmacy is contracted to accept the card.

What if my pharmacy will not accept the RobinhoodRx savings card?

All participating pharmacies will accept the RobinhoodRx savings card. If you are denied the use of your card at a participating pharmacy, call our pharmacy help desk at 502-206-2093 to resolve the service issue. Be sure to download or print your card on the website and share the information details with your pharmacy. That information unlocks your discount at the pharmacy.

Can you tell me what my discount will be on my prescription drugs?

Pricing can be provided by searching for your prescription drug on our website. The pharmacy whose pricing is displayed on the website is provided as well so you can call and validate the pricing as well with the participating pharmacy you select. Please note, that pharmacy pricing may differ in store when compared to the website due to price changes made by the pharmacy daily. On occasion, pharmacy pricing details may not be reflected on our site as our systems update routinely.

Will I ever pay more for my drugs using the discount savings card than not using the savings card?

No, cardholders will always pay the lower of the RobinhoodRx savings card contract price or the pharmacy’s usual and customary price. There are circumstances where using your insurance benefits card or another discount savings card can result in paying more for your drugs. Ask the pharmacy if it is cheaper to use your insurance if you have insurance, or using the RobinhoodRx discount card.

How is pricing determined for pricing prescription drugs?

The RobinhoodRx savings card provides savings on both generic and name brand prescriptions. It allows for unlimited use by the participant and his/her family. Prescription drug costs vary by pharmacy due to differences in both retail and wholesale prices for their products. When the pharmacy’s usual and customary charge (retail price) is lower than the RobinhoodRx savings card discounted price, participants will always pay the lower price.

Are there restrictions because of age or current medical conditions

There are no restrictions due to age or any health conditions you may have.

Can anyone in my family use the discount savings card?

Yes. If they would like their own, they are welcome to download or print their own card at no cost.

How will my personal health information be maintained?

Although RobinhoodRx does not have direct access to your personal health information, certain demographic and claims information may be shared among affiliates and partners to better serve your health needs including but not limited to marketing and research. By using your card for discounted drugs, you are agreeing to such sharing of information.

Do I have to pay at the time of service?

Yes, you must pay the provider/pharmacy once you’ve received the prescription. Participating pharmacies have an agreement that they will not bill the participant for the difference between their usual fee and the reduced fee.

Can I use this card if I have insurance?

Yes, but only in the following circumstances and you should ask your pharmacist whether using the card would save you money: The drug is not covered under your insurance plan. You have a cap on coverage that has been exceeded such that all future prescription costs in the plan year must be paid at 100%. You have a high annual deductible that you don’t believe you will reach given a low monthly prescription drug expense (e.g. $500 deductible with a monthly drug cost of $15). You have a high co-pay which exceeds the cost of the prescription if you used the RobinhoodRx savings card (e.g. $10 co-pay for all prescriptions but a drug that is $7 when the card is used vs. insurance).

Can I use the card if I am on Medicare, especially if I am in the "doughnut hole" in my coverage?

You should not use the card for Medicare covered prescriptions as the coverage obtained through Medicare should be more advantageous. However, if the drug is not covered as part of your plan and you typically would pay full retail cost for the prescription, the card can be used.

Can I use the card if I am not a legal citizen of the United States?


Can I use the RobinhoodRx savings card on medications for my pet?

Yes, If the prescription is also used to treat human conditions you can fill your pet medications at any of our participating pharmacies.

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